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I said I would post two days ago, but I didn’t, sorryyyy I had to study, I’m back at school (*sighs*)
I said I would post on every links she linked on her jelenaid post, and totally frogot. anyway.
- Part one: ea
- Part two: ea

Now posting on the third link called “Let’s count all the…



Angela, PLEASE do your research.

This post is exposing “Selena and drugs part two” or whatever she named the post and “Selena would have been arrested if it wasn’t for Justin”.

First, I’ll expose “Selena and drugs part two”.

The post was highly focused on Selena’s pupils and how they were…


Part 1: ea

Hey there! I don’t know if I’m going to post again today or going to wait till tomorrow to be honest, if I have nothing else better to do, I will post again but I don’t promise anything.
first of all, I’d like to thank @Jstefanovic91 and @jess_mora on Twitter because they…


Angela is talking about Selena’s “drugs addiction” whatever it is a lot recently. — More than before. And so I remember her posting something about drugs called “Drugs Ruined The Popstar (part.2)
Alright, let’s get started :)

She putted a picture of Selena like “”falling”” because of…


This is a post which I’ve been “cooking” for a long time. After 3 months, I’m posting it. So get ready, because this is gonna be good.

As I’ve said a lot of times:

  • Angela lies.
  • Angela’s proofs aren’t legit.
  • Angela manipulates her stuff.
  • Angela doesn’t check what she says.
  • Angela…


Times ExposingSMG was proved wrong (not all).

Angela insists that she was never proved wrong, but she’s actually lying. I’ve collected some things that prove Angela was wrong about certain things - even things she continues to use as proof. I hope this won’t be too long, but sorry if it is…


Oh well hello. Hope you all did have a good day at school. Anyway, let’s get started with Angela’s last post “Selena would have been arrested if it wasn’t for Justin.”


"He saved her with When The Sun Goes Down from flopping (…) just like her two albums before that, previously did.

A Year Without Rain


Ever since SE and I hit it big when we exposed Justin’s ex for the true person she is, people lashed out. However, that’s understandable. In the next couple of months, blogs surfaced trying to expose me and lowkey expose what I’ve said.

I’ve dealt with the blog that’s trying to expose me in

ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS???? Hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Not the most clever title but it sums up this entire post it will have to do.

So I’m pretty sure you all remember the week everyone was shading Justin? Literally. Selena is always shading him since she has to maintain attention somehow so I’m not gonna even go into it, but Chancrap shaded him,…

And justin with all his hoes??? Hahaha that is called heartbreak?? Stupid